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September 24, 2006


Nancy (Mom)

It's great you are doing so well that you can move out of the hospital! Good luck on the move. Let us know how you like your new digs.


Suzanne, I am thrilled you will be moving out of the hospital and into an apartment in the inner harbor. It was great to see you this weekend. I enjoyed playing Gin (Rummy, not & Tonic). Love you, Suzanne.

Daniel, Great job & great present. Thank you.


Hey Sue,
You don't get out of B'day dinner with me and Milissa that easily. Let us know when it's ok to reheat Chinese and we'll bring Mei Wah to you.

Sean Twombly

Sue -- glad to know you'll have a comfortable place to hang over the next few months. We'll be up to visit soon. Happy Birthday!

Much love



It is great you can be in more comfortable surroundings.
We love you
Randi, Jeff, Dan and Alex


I am happy to get new news about your progress, Sue. I have been thinking about you and your family, I am glad you have so many people who love you around. Keep fighting, and feel better soon, love, Cleis

Michael Charen

I’m so glad you are out of the hospital and in a much better surrounding. I got my blood drawn today and shipped out. I hope I’m the match!! Ali and Ashley will be so glad Daniel made such a wonderful web page for your birthday, it's so cool! Looks like I’m going to fly up the first weekend in October, then when the girls are done with Color Guard will all drive up. I’ll get your care package out this week.

Pam, Mike, Ashley, Ali, Bocci, Rufus

Elliot & Karen

We want to be the's good to be the match :-)

Getting out of the hospital should be a nice change of pace. Hope the transition to the apt has been smooth (sounds like a beautiful spot by the harbor). Can't wait to see it.

Hoping all your wishes come true on your birthday (you deserve it).


Karen, Elliot, Tess, Chloe & Alec

PS Daniel, it's wonderful that you've created this community of support for Sue and one another. Clearly most people don't have the expertise to put it together so thinking it would be a great program for orgs like ACS, Armstrong Foundation, etc.) to pursue for others.


Hey Susie:

I'm thinking about you all the time and I'm amazed at your strength and so grateful for the love of Daniel and that your parents are with you. I hope to see you soon. Now Laurel wants to say something:

Hi Sue I hope you will get beter soon. Love Laurel


Hey Sue,
Happy Bithday chica! Hope you had a peaceful birthday with at least a bit of fun (and treats of sorts too)! I know it's been hard to connect with us, but we're thinking of you often and hoping you are feeling a bit better. So psyched that you've got some new great digs and are out of the hospital. Keeping you in our prayers.

Lottsa love, Heidi & JP


hey aunt sue!

just letting you know im thinking about u and hope the new apartment is good! happy birthday. i love u



Hi Sue. We hope you are having a nice birthday. I will be up for a visit again sometime soon. Feel good and Happy Birthday.
Lyn, Jill, Aidan and Cady

Eileen Kay

Hello Sue! I just wanted to say Happy Birthday and that Jon and I are thinking of you all the time. I hope to come out to visit with Jill soon. Please let us know if you need anything. Love, Eileen


Dear aunt sue!!
I love you so much! Have a happy Birthday! I am always thing about you. I cant wait to see you! I hope you apartment is nice. Love you, Ali

Stephanie Keys

Hello Sue,

I just wanted to say hello and let you know I think about you often, I pray for you as well to get better and regain your strength. Everyone ask about you on a regular basis Eileen and Nancy said to tell you hello. The OC bunch is eager to come and visit soon. Always thinking of you Steph.

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