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October 09, 2006



Yeah, that was a nice win. Makes me think of the Giants win over the Bills in Superbowl XXV. Sue had another great party. My wife, an avid Bills fan, has never forgiven me for routing for the Giants in that game. Geez, I hope she doesn't read this or I'll be sleepin' on the couch tonite.

Gonna be interesting to see how the giants cope with fast and slippery number 7 from the ATL next week. Not to mention the oldest current NFL player, kicker Morten Anderson, he's a stone cold killer with a foot.

The other thing to keep in mind is the unbelieveable success of Rutgers, currently ranked No. 24 in the Associated Press Top 25. They've started the season 5-0 and it would be great to see them make a bowl this year and win it. They play Navy this Saturday, not sure if it's televised, but with their increased success I wouldn't be suprised.

Pamela Charen

Hope you are feeling better today and that things get easier as time goes on. Tonight the girls have homecoming and are proforming in their costumes at half time. They have a competition tomorrow all day and night somewhere in South Carolina Blythewood about two hours from charleston. Last year they won with colorguard first place in state of South Carolina hopefully will again. Although it will be nice when football season is over and maybe they will be home more often. Oh yea then Ali has cheerleading I guess it never ends. We love you and hope that this will end sooner than later.
Love you,
Pam. Michael, Ashle, Bocchi and Rufus.

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