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October 02, 2006



"pigeon" incident??? can you expand?


Pigeon flew in the open door of the cafe (very clean and proper cafe). The pigeon tried to get out through the closed windows and obviously failed. Giving up it perched over one of the tables. The manager, very prim otherwise, started trying to brush/scare the pigeon back through the door. No luck and it even flew to the beam above our table. As the manager came closer to our table with the broom held high over her head, I asked that she not.... too late and I quickly shifted my seat and covered the coffee cup as she whacked at the beam above us.

It wasn't until the manager gave up that the pigeon found its way out.

Pamela Charen

we are all thinking of you all the time. Wishing we could snap our fingers and all this could be over for you. Hopefully this coming year will be a much better one for you. Stay strong we love you.
pam michael, ashley, ali, rufus and bocchi



Tell me when its time for more rice crispie treats....

love, love, love ya


I have to say this blog is my morning ritual. I come in grab my coffee and log on to "Sue Charen". I am eHugging you right now and hope to see you soon. Love and kisses,

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